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Supernova air max skyline men's performed

Posted Jan 18 2013 8:37am
Dortmund, Supernova air max skyline men's performed well over the past year, rising like a rocket, which makes him worth the biggest Bundesliga League players. "The transfer market Web site" upper value of the policy has reached an alarming rate of 42 million euros and Bayern "King" Riberg unchanged strategy has become the highest in the Bundesliga League Star. Last year, grand strategy is worth some 30 million euros "", but with the excellent play on the teams in the Champions League this season, you fetch strategy are also rising. Which team wanted to buy policies now, I'm afraid to be "bleeding".
Official says Josep Guardiola in the Bayern Munich Club will be coaching next season, and signed 3 years later, Josep Guardiola's agent Josep-Maria-aoluoweidige an interview with Effie air max 95 cheap radio revealed that the two sides before Christmas, "around December 20" had been signed. Josep Guardiola explained he chose brokers Bayern Munich, is "because Bayern Munich is in receipt of all invited the best club". "We view the invitation, and this (Bayern Munich) doesn't give most of the money. He chose them because of their organization, because he saw potential, because they are the players, "he added.??
"Like Everton Captain James f. Byrnes as incoming direct free kick a few days ago, Tevez into exquisite ball in the same way. He is everywhere trying to create more opportunities for his teammates, it seems he hit Center works well! "The British media of the net to score the overall best to Tevez, of course not forgetting their testimonials. Integrated comparison Manchester City several front will, 19 times play of special dimension Republika into 7 ball assists 5 times, Mario Balotelli 13 times debut into 1 ball, recently outbreak of zheke 9 ball 1 assists, has injury stopped of Aguero 18 times appearances 8 ball 2 assists, scored area special dimension Republika although does not dominated, but he is team within participation scored up of players, Mancini with what will he placed in replacement I Shang?


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