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Sunday Solutions - No. 2

Posted Oct 01 2008 5:08pm 1 Comment

Social Stories are short descriptions of very particular situations. Some autistic people find them very useful for grasping new situations, as strategies and as tools to assist in learning key skills.

We have learnt with my autistic child that the ‘traditional’ social story is useful but not quite enough. Xe responds better when there is a definite and concrete sensory link to what is being said. For example, when xe started pre-school, we took pictures of the staff that would be there and constructed social stories around who these people were and what xe could expect of them.

Taking that one step further is the idea of constructing mini-presentations as social stories. I have been experimenting with these for 4 or 5 months so far and whilst I have yet to find a perfect balance, they are an upgrade from static pictures.

This tutorial shows you how to use the free online tool Empressr to build truly interactive social stories. For autistic people like my child who are very IT literate, being able to click through as many times as xe likes seems to help. You can also build them with video, audio etc as well as just pictures and text.

I hope this weeks Sunday Solution is of some help.

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I am an adult autistic and I have been doing the 'social stories' method for eyars but not realizing it.  When something new is coming up, especially something stressful such as a social event or medical procedure my doctors and my family answer every little question and then lay out a time line for me, explaining what I can expect and how long it might last.  This is more important to me in social settins than medical procedures.  I need to know the time it will take and how long I have to endure the situation. 
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