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Special Olympics, special pressies and sunny Spain!!!

Posted Feb 15 2010 2:51pm
Today there was a Special Olympics equestrian competition in Festina Lente where Murray rides. Here is the NSLM himself at the beginning of his round - getting a final word of encouragement from his instructor, Ronnie. At the end of the round, the NSLM had to get his horse, Beau, to stand with his front legs over the bar and then the NSLM had to salute the judges! A good round for the NSLM and big smiles at the end! He had been very nervous! Outside in the stable yard with his sister Sorcha and her pal Lauren who had come along to support him! Waiting around for the results .... never easy ..... Murray gets a green rosette - 4th place! Although he always wants a yellow rosette - which means coming 3rd - today he was great and accepted his green rosette very happily! Getting everyone to pose for a group photo at the end of the competition! Murray and his green rosette! While Murray was competing - I had stayed at home - too many horses around! But I was minding something that had come earlier in the post this morning! Great concentration on the face of the NSLM as he opens it!

WOW! Look what I got ... my prize for winning the Mango Minster Working Dog Reader's Choice! A fantastic Rock Star Pooch Rock n Roll Dog Tee! Thank you so much to Sugar !

The NSLM was most impressed with my new tee - it was packed straight away in the suitcase for Spain! We also got a lovely ruffled dog collar cover - which we haven't taken a photo of yet, because we're a little bit pressed for time! Sorry Sugar , it's lovely and we will but we had to get our packing finished ....
Yes, by the time you read this .... I'll be in Spain - not a Sunny Spain though! The NSLM's Dad is out there already and he emailed us this morning to say that the hotel we're staying in has sprung leaks all over the place! Spain is having unbelievably heavy rain! He watched 20 hotel staff trying to sweep water out of the hotel reception this morning! It didn't work - the foyer is under several inches of water!

So, I may be wearing my wet gear for the next week ....

Please excuse us if we don't get around to visiting your blogs over the next few days .....

We have the laptop with us but we could be busy (if the rain stops!!) Do I bring the glasses or do I leave them at home!

- Clive

Max, we hope the next few days continue to be good for you - we'll be thinking of you all the time!

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