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Special fevers, mitochondria and autism

Posted Dec 30 2009 12:27pm

Thats right, its back.

Ginny Hughes, writing for the Simons Foundation writes about new methods of detecting mitochondrial damages that may lead to autism. Of course, since last year that inextricably calls to mind Hannah Poling.

Just as a quick refresh, Hannah’s case was compensated by US Gvmt who accepted that vaccines caused a fever which triggered an underlying mitochondrial dysfunction which in turn led to ‘autism like symptoms’. This is oppose to ‘vaccines caused her autism’ which you’ll find a lot of people claiming.

The crux of the matter is fever. Mitochodrial dysfunction appears to be largely triggered by fever. Without the fever there’s no dysfunction. Without the dysfunction theres no autism.

Jay Gargus, professor of physiology and biophysics at the University of California, Irvine who’s studied mitochodria for 20 years makes a very telling point in this piece:

“It terrifies me that people will be making arguments [from this work] that further enhance the panic about vaccines,” Gargus adds. “Obviously, getting a vaccination will sometimes give you a fever, but the kid’s going to get a fever sooner or later anyway. It’s not like it’s a special fever.”

All kids get ill. They’re going to get fevers. In fact a lot of the things that vaccines try and prevent cause fevers. Flu for example. What vaccines don’t do is give a child a ‘special’ autism causing fever. Thats because there is no special autism causing fever and no special autism causing vaccines either.

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