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Soybean Oil

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:01pm

So, I tried something the other day and failed. I decided to let Nathan have some chips that were fried in soybean oil. The reasoning being that soybean oil contains only low levels of soy protein and many people who are allergic do not react to it.

I didn't see a huge reaction, but it was enough of a reaction to make me really frustrated. He wasn't unresponsive and unsocial, but there were SEVERAL times for SEVERAL days when he did not get his way and he threw huge tantrums. It's like he had no flexibility whatsoever and I am not in practice of all my skills of making sure he has a proper transitions, etc. etc.

I get SO frustrated when I try this stuff and it doesn't work. I feel like it means I need to continue to jump through all of these hoops, keep all of these plates spinning and I'll have to continue doing it for days, months, years?

So for now, no soybean oil for us... I had so many plans of so many things we could eat!

Oh well, he seems to be back to normal now so on we go!

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