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Some friends just suck!

Posted Nov 23 2009 10:02pm

Munchkin made a friend this week... She has spent countless hours talking to her friend, sitting in her sensory room with her and will even kiss and hug her goodnight. I should be delighted but... Its a vacuum cleaner! Her new friend is called Hetty and is a close relative to Henry! I can't believe the budding relationship between the two of them and am at a loss when she will kiss and hug her new buddy goodnight but will still reject her own brother and sister and have a mini meltdown if one of them even attempts to get close enough for a kiss or hug when she's heading up to bed.

Its not the first strange obsession she's had over the years. One of her first loves and still a strong contender is stones. All types, pebbles, gravel, big ones and little ones, she loves them all. She would spend countless hours playing with the stones she could take from the plant pot in my landing and would walk around with a select few in her hands. Every time I would bring her to my friends house, she would go to their modern electric fire and take out all the firestones to line them up in order of size and shade. Her husband could always tell when Munchkin had been for a visit as they would be lined up on the hearth and the plant pots would be rummaged through as they had a lovely layer of pebbles on top of the compost... (she would also have eaten some clay and compost but that's another story!)

A relatively new one, along with the hoover, is a preoccupation with clocks, timers and buttons. She seems fascinated but almost anxious with the timer we introduced in her home program, so much so that we replaced it with a visual egg timer. She now notices clocks everywhere she goes and only this weekend while at the swimming pool noticed the clock on the wall. When she is prompted to talk about swimming now, all she will say is "clock at the swimming pool". I'm uncertain how to stop her preoccupation with this though... An easier one to deal with is her wanting to lick the buttons on the television remote... I can take it from her and show her how to use it appropriately! She has only very recently learned to put her tongue past her lips so have caught her licking a variety of things but she seems to favour the remote and the telephone. I understand this is because the tongue is an extremely sensitive organ and it is something babies do to learn about their environment, however I will try to encourage her to only do this in her own home for the time being as some people may not appreciate their possessions being slobbered over!

I will watch the developing relationship between vacuum cleaner and my little girl and decide how best to use this in a positive way (hey, anything that encourages language is good no?) or as one of my facebook buddies said, "switch it on and let her drag it around with her... at least the floors will be clean!"
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