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So, the Little Guy’s sixth ...

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:37pm

So, the Little Guy’s sixth birthday is on March 10th, and it has been a topic of conversation for quite a while, but now we are up to evey morning:

LG: I have a surprise for you!
ME: What is it?
LG: It’s the first day of my birthday month!

LG: Guess what?
ME: What?
LG: Only eight more days to go!
ME: Until what - oh, yes, your birthday.

He has been adding things to his birthday list since Christmas was over - sometimes things he has seen, but also things he thinks about (if you think about it, it must exist somewhere, right?) Some of them are easy to find, such as Boohbah DVD’s and a Mega Rig fire truck, but others are more challenging, including toy waffles with syrup and Boohbah costumes for all three of us. I did manage to track down the waffles with syrup, but I don’t think I am going to look too hard for the costumes - I really don’t want to dress up like Zing Zing Zingbah!!

What’s the best thing your little ones have asked for as a Christmas or birthday present?

Tags: birthdays, Boohbahs, presents
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