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Smell the poo...

Posted Nov 17 2008 6:16pm

Smell can affect different people in different ways. Many autistic people are hypersensitive with all their senses.

People hypersensitive to smell cannot tolerate how people or objects smell, though non-autistics maybe unaware of any smell at all. They may run from smells, move away from people and insist on wearing the same clothes all the time. For some, the smell or taste of any food is too strong, and they reject it no matter how hungry they are. C is very much like this, sometimes it takes me days to find something that he will eat.

I love the usual nice smells, ie grass after its rained, coffee, fresh bread, and the smell of ‘no’ poo when I go in Cs room! (he smears) Smells I don’t like are bleach, petrol and mushrooms!

What smells have an affect on you?

'I have always known that the world was fragmented. My mother was a smell, my father a tone, and my older brother was something which moved about. Nothing was whole except the colours and sparkles in the air.”Donna Williams

To J, a friends disabled son who has been staying with me for the past few days. He loves it here as i give him 1 to 1, and i enjoy having him, a delight and a friend x
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