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SmartVax: Most Vaccines not Studied for Autism

Posted Aug 01 2011 12:00am

By Scott Laster, SafeMinds

SafeMinds has launched a new website, SmartVax , to change the discourse on vaccines in a manner that will create a positive environment where consumers are empowered and scientists are encouraged to pursue the necessary research on vaccine-injury and vaccine-effectiveness.  The SmartVax philosophy places an emphasis on rigorous scientific research to understand mechanisms of vaccine-injury and vaccine effectiveness.  On the contrary, the “Max-Vax” philosophy prevalent amongst public health officials is discouraging such scientific research, and providing incomplete information about risks vs benefits to parents, because of a belief system that maximizing vaccine utilization is the best way to improve children’s health.

A prime example is the general refrain from Max-Vax adherents that “it’s been studied, and vaccines don’t cause autism.”  In fact, only one of the seven vaccines administered in the first year of an American child’s life has been studied for autism in children who received versus didn’t receive the vaccine – and that vaccine, the HepB, was found to be associated with a 3x increased risk of autism in a recent study.

Vaccines not studied for autism

The increased number of vaccines administered to American children at an early age in the late 1980’s is chronologically associated with the start of the autism epidemic, as shown in this graph:

Autism prevalence line graph

As described on the SmartVax website , the vaccine-autism question is far from answered.  MMR and thimerosal studies do not stand up to close scrutiny.  Possible vaccine-injury from aluminum adjuvant in vaccines has not been studied in humans, despite animal research indicating that vaccines containing aluminum adjuvant can cause motor neuron death.  There are other plausible hypotheses regarding vaccine-injury mechanisms that have not been studied.  SmartVax supports performing comprehensive and unbiased scientific research on all vaccines and vaccine components. 


Follow SmartVax on Facebook and let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the online conversation there. If you find the information useful, please share the website information with prospective parents, family, and friends.  



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