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Six things you might not know about me - meme

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:56pm
I've been Tagged by Krist at My Life For The World To See for the six things you might not know or want to know about me, but I’m gonna tell you anyway. meme.

OK, what don't you already know?

Well, I've been to China. In high school I traveled with our local community symphony orchestra on a two week tour of China. It was an amazing experience. I only wish I'd been a little older so I would have appreciated it more at the time.

I live two hours from Seattle WA, but I don't drink Coffee - I made it through 5 years of college and 3 years of law school without developing a taste for it.

I love to cook. I started baking when I was 9 and haven't stopped yet. I used to collect cookbooks but have settled on my favorite 20 or so and do most of my cooking and baking out of my head.

I'm an old Rainbow Girl (International Order of the Rainbow for Girls - not the cult). I am Past Grand Page to the Supreme Inspector for Washington and Idaho, Grand Cross of Color member, and the first to win the state ritual competition for Charity's Lecture. If you know what all that means, I don't have to show you the secret handshake :0)

I'm a night owl more than a morning person - although as I get older I have a hard time getting things done at 2am like I used to.

I like to be in charge - I'm known for taking over everything I get involved with. Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes it is not! I have control issues :-)

So Kim, CC, Jenny, Kimberly, Alicia, and Susie, tell me six things I might not know about you!
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