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Since Dantoni shortly after

Posted Nov 27 2012 1:02am
Since Dantoni shortly after, the Lakers began to play run and gun, but there are a lot of people who worry about whether the Lakers have enough depth to carry out this attack system, at least the Lakers are confident.Now the Lakers, more experience and skill, rather than young and vibrant, so do the Lakers have enough depth to carry Dantoni offensive system?"We have enough depth," Dantoninike air max 1 hyperfuse uk   alternate performance said, "yibankesi (against when the calf) performed very well, this is my first time to see him play, it looks like he has a very good sense of the game.I think he can play a good game.In addition, we also mix, antawn Jamison, Blake and Michael Jordan-Hill, we have a lot of good guys on the bench.

Dragon challenge rocket away, a fierce Dragon master Lori (micro-blog), this game meaningful, this was the first time he was rocket after the deal to opponent identity to face old Club.This summer, his deal is rocket to a fierce Dragon, right to receive draft picks, the rockets eventually changed to James harden.Although theair max r4 sale rockets last season was not pleasant, and eventually is sent away by rockets, but Lori admits that he will remain in Houston as his home.Lori says: "I love Houston, I love the people, I love this city, and they accepted me, wherever I play, Houston is my home."Lori rockets for three and a half seasons, returning to Houston, he recalled not plagued by injury last season, and the team suffered nightmares of losing streak missed the playoffs, but he was here from an alternate growth for excellent control of Union health moments.

"That is why I will keep Houston as a place of special significance for me because," Luo said, "I was making in Houston playing at, this city, this team has given me the opportunity to do those things, in my heart, I would have been left to a special location in Houston."Tomorrow's game, Luo will hope in front of the old Club to prove itself, his former teammate, Parsons said, he looks forward to seeing the most aggressive and most decisive in the Los.He said: "he will attack us, I know him, he will want to play a good game.He has been great this season, a player with this mentality, this capability will bring to you strong challenges."" I am looking forward to see him tomorrow there will be more efforts, "Patterson (micro-blog) says," for his effectiveness, his motor is always at full speed.He is willing to play in Houston, he was fascinated by rockets players, I, Parsons, Maurice which he knew players.
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