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Should Therapy Happen in the Home or in the Clinic?

Posted Feb 07 2012 10:00am


You’ve found a music therapist who will be a good fit, now it’s time to get to the details regarding delivery of services.

Some music therapists are what we lovingly refer to as “travelling music therapists”. They often work out of their home and spend a large portion of each day on the road travelling from client to client.

Some music therapists work out of a single location (or a combination of locations!). They have a dedicated clinical space in which they see clients for music therapy.

And then there are those who perform a mix of both, based on time, scheduling, client needs, and a variety of other factors (like myself).

If your music therapist is a hybrid like me, how do you determine where to have services delivered? While the therapist can indicate a preference, it is ultimately up to you!

Here are a few things to consider when making this important decision!

The Client: The person receiving the services is of the utmost importance. Are they capable of travel? Are they easily distracted by environmental sounds? Would getting out of the home for therapy be beneficial to them? If possible, ask the person receiving the services what they would like. You can always change it later.

Environment: One of the biggest learning points for me in my growth as a therapist has been that location and environment is everything! Distracting noise, toys, people, and more can be extremely detrimental to therapeutic progress. If you chose to have sessions take place in your home, make sure that it is in a setting in the home that is the most conducive for your loved one. The home environment also has the benefit of being comfortable and familiar, which is an issue that has to be addressed when having sessions in a clinic.

Cost: Travelling to a client’s home to deliver services takes more time than providing services in a clinic. The cost of this additional time can be manifest in hour or mileage charges. This additional cost can often be a factor in where you chose to have your loved one receive services. If the benefits of one situation outweigh the costs of another, then you have your answer!

Convenience: Convenience is very important. You are receiving these services for your loved one because they need them, but if the manner in which they are received isn’t comfortable and convenient for you, you will be less satisfied! What scenario meets YOUR needs best?

These are just a few things to take into consideration. Ultimately it is up to YOU to decide, but doing so with open communication with your therapist will pave the way for a smooth, beneficial relationship!

What are your thoughts on in home vs in clinic therapy sessions? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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