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Sharing a book

Posted Feb 25 2010 12:57pm

In history, we are studying Ancient Greece. This is one of the books that I required Logan to read for his history study. Of course, I can't expect to be able to grade a written narration in April if I haven't read the book either. Of course, speed reader boy read it way faster than me. lol I thoroughly enjoyed sharing it with him after reading it. We would talk about it and laugh at their exploits. It was a great opportunity to work on experience sharing with Logan.
This book is designed for children ages 9-12. It is an introduction to Greek literature. It is an exquisite retelling of the story of Jason and the Argonauts. Basically, Jason becomes boastful and falls into his evil uncle's trap. His uncle wants to get rid of him so he goads him into saying that he can capture the Golden Fleece. This is a gift to another king from one of the gods. It is far away and protected by a powerful serpent. Jason has to undertake many challenges in order to get to the fleece. His comrades that join him on the boat are called the Argonauts. There are many challenges experienced by all the Argonauts.
There are also many lessons to be learned in this book. Logan was able to see how the decisions of one or two Argonauts often affected all of them. Sometimes the decisions were just plain stupid like when Orpheus is getting his bride back from Hades. He is not supposed to look back at her until they are out of the garden. Just steps from the exit, he gets so excited that he looks back to tell her something. The story is so well told that you want to jump into the book and slap him for looking back.
All in all, this was a fantastic book. I would highly recommend it to everyone. I will certainly have Madison read it when we go through Ancient Greece in 2013 when we start our history rotation again. This book deserves to be on every one's bookshelf.

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