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Sh#t, sh#t, sh#t.. Salamander is ...

Posted Apr 09 2009 7:16pm

Sh#t, sh#t, sh#t.. Salamander is running a 103.7 F fever.. I KNEW something wasn't right as soon as he got up this morning...

Just gave him Motrin, will be checking his temp again in about 20 minutes. If it hasn't come down, off to the tub we go. And if that doesn't bring the temp down... well, let's cross THAT bridge when we get there...

Strap on your seat belts, heeeere we go again on the roller coaster from hell.......

[I do want to put your attention toward one thing though that I got involved with last nite; TweetLuck. Please check it out]

5 pm update - Salamander's fever has come down to 100.8 F. It took Motrin & a long soak in the tub. I have my suspicions as to what is going on, but not completely sure yet. I hope I can get him to eat something in a bit...
Potatey is a beastie. He feels utterly ignored and left out (and he's got a point).
Me? I need a drink...

9 pm update - Salamander's fever continues to hoover around 101 F. But he was laughing, chatting, interacting and generally very 'there', so whatever is going on, it's not affecting him too much right now cognitively. I had him take another Motrin at bedtime and he peacefully drifted off to sleep.
Potatey went off to sleep really well too.. much, much better than last nite (when he had a terror and nitemare filled bedtime because SOMEBODY let him watch Man in Black yesterday afternoon (a rather scary and intense movie that is rated PG-13!!!!). I finally had to give Potatey a double dose of Benedryl at around 10 pm last nite to help him go to sleep. Which of course resulted in Potatey being all grouchy and cranky for most of the day... Oy
I am WIPED. Emotionally spent and feeling very void/empty.
Going 'switch off'.. send some positive thoughts into the Universe that both boys will have a good nite..
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