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Send feedback before tomorrow’s IACC meeting

Posted Feb 03 2009 11:22pm

The next IACC meeting is tomorrow. One subject sure to come up is the proposed vaccine initiatives. These are projects that were added to the plan (outside of the normal procedure) and later removed. Instead of actual initiatives (planned research), vaccines are now discussed in the Plan as something the IACC needs to get further input on—from the vaccine experts.

If you think, as I do, that the Plan has been delayed long enough by the organizations promoting vaccine causation, let the IACC know. You can email the IACC at

Alternatively, as discussed in a comment here a web based form has been set up here to allow you to give feedback easiliy.

You can go to that site, enter your information and message and send feedback to the IACC and Dr. Insel, director of the NIMH and chair of the IACC.

The form has a default message, which I have copied below.

Dear Dr. Insel,

As you are well aware, some initiatives were inserted into the IACC ’s Strategic Plan in December which would budget for vaccine related research. As you yourself noted in the January meeting, those initiatives did not go through the standard procedure and were not cleared by the science subcommittees.

I approve of the move to submit those initiatives to a re-vote in the January IACC meeting, and agree with the majority of the IACC members that it is inappropriate to keep these initiatives in the Plan at this time.

In addition, I would like to express my concern that the Strategic Plan process has been significantly delayed already by attempts to incorporate vaccine language, and I would urge you to not allow these delays to continue. Now is the time for the first Strategic Plan to be submitted to congress and for the research called for in the Combating Autism Act to begin.

Respectfully submitted.

It appears that groups such as Generation Rescue are fine with research being delayed as long as it keeps hope alive for the vaccinated/non-vaccinated comparison study.

That’s who the IACC is hearing from right now. Do you want that to be the only opinion they hear?

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