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Seeing the blessing in a brother with autism

Posted Apr 17 2010 8:55am

Madison has begun verbalizing how blessed she is to have a brother with autism. We have always approached Logan's autism as a blessing in disguise. I truly believe that while I would not have asked for autism , I have learned so much about myself because of it.

Madison spends an inordinate amount of time in waiting rooms or with others because of Logan's autism. Autism permeates her life. There is no way around it. I make a point of being sure that she gets to do typical little girl stuff too like dance and gymnastics. An activity with her alone is on my daily schedule just like Logan's therapy activities. When she gets discouraged or frustrated with Logan, I try to point out the benefit of other things.

Logan has a phenomenal memory. He looks at it and can remember it. Madison has learned that if she is having trouble in her Bible studies or math that she can go ask Logan. They love to talk about history together and he teaches her soooooo much. She likes to draw and he doesn't. For picture narration, she draws and he remembers what was in the picture. I can't think of a better example of teamwork.

It can be tough having a brother with autism. I don't doubt that for a minute. It's my job to show her to look for what God is trying to teach her in this situation. He chose her to be Logan's little sister for a reason. I, for one, am thankful that He did.
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