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see you back away swab nike free 3.0 v4 women's countless bright red tears and the beginning

Posted Jan 04 2013 7:53am
In the face of frustration and annoyance, it is so vulnerable? A long road to a long life, there are too many things holding me, I stumbled over us. However, in order to dream in the heart, in order that a pair of eyes full of truth. We have no reason to give up.High a fantasy and hope has gone, but he gave me the disillusionment with infinite disappointment. I lost my proper vigor, nor scorching sun momentum. Everything is so lifeless, can not I leave your door I could not find. But I have a dream, I still have hope that I can not be devoid of dream days as flowers bloom, I dream with Yanghwa fly, so gentle; season at full snow swirling. I dream with nike free 3.0 v2 sale the snow falling. It broke our hearts, so unbearable aftertaste."Little sister" of the title is always not out of my mouth, do not want or do not want to say, the inner world, never understand, do not want to find out. The "little brother" I only heard a few times. However, that is not important.

I could not guess what you think, I have not read your mind. Why did you become so worried about walking openly talking and you no longer exist. Who would understand the feelings of my heart, is helpless ignorance or incompetence of weakness, I can not imagine the world in my mind will not be able to think of our world.The sophomore gave me a lot of thoughts and fantasy, can not think of start, can not think of the end. Mentally exhausted and I was too lonely, lonely, and everyone gave me unlimited scars wireless repressed.You quietly leave, take away my infinite regret, I feel as leaves fall, see you back away swab nike free 3.0 v4 women's countless bright red tears. December and the beginning of mood on some nameless people enchanted, ahead of the arrival of spring rain inexplicable, he kept desperately down the trip the wanton Henhen Pentium deliberately rendering unusual this season and wanton touch machine the frayed nerve center of everyone here, and then to say goodbye to lingering in November and it was ambiguous complex.
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