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Seasonal Flu Vaccination Guidelines from CDC with Mercury Content Chart

Posted Sep 05 2009 12:00am

Knowledge is power To help you to make informed healthcare decisions for your family, below are the "2009-10 INFLUENZA PREVENTION & CONTROL RECOMMENDATIONS" for Seasonal Flu. This is not for H1N1 flu. Please take note of the chart below the jump, as it tells you which brands of flu vaccine contain mercury and for which age group the vaccine is approved. This information is from the CDC website HERE.

Additional Information about Vaccination of Specific Populations
On this page:

Health Care Personnel and Others Who Can Transmit Influenza to Those at High Risk
Close Contacts of Immunocompromised Persons
Pregnant Women
Breastfeeding Mothers
General Population
Vaccines for Different Age Groups

All children aged 6 months--18 years should be vaccinated against influenza annually. In 2004, ACIP recommended routine vaccination for all children aged 6--23 months, and in 2006, ACIP expanded the recommendation to include all children aged 24--59 months.

Recommendations to provide routine influenza vaccination to all children and adolescents aged 6 months--18 years are made on the basis of 1) accumulated evidence that influenza vaccine is effective and safe for children (see Influenza Vaccine Efficacy, Effectiveness, and Safety); 2) increased evidence that influenza has substantial adverse impacts among children and their contacts (e.g., school absenteeism, increased antibiotic use, medical care visits, and parental work loss) (see Health-Care Use, Hospitalizations, and Deaths Attributed to Influenza); and 3) an expectation that a simplified age-based influenza vaccine recommendation for all children and adolescents will improve vaccine coverage levels among children who already have a risk- or contact-based indication for annual influenza vaccination.

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