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SCD Cooking Day

Posted Mar 15 2009 12:00am

I like to make a journal entry of what I cooked so that I can go back and make a better routine of it. Hubby really helped me with this week's cooking. He was thanked. It is getting easier (there is hope) to plan for the week now that I'm getting a better grasp of what Drew will eat.

We cooked:
SCD mayo*
homemade chicken nuggets
chicken meatballs w/ spinach
pecan butter brownies*
mashed cauliflower*
cooked & pureed green beans for ice cubes
cooked carrots, pears, pineapples, butternut squash for dehydrator
also dried ripe bananas and oranges

*Many of the recipes that I use are found in the MUST READ for the SCD: Breaking the Vicious Cycle. They are simple and kid-friendly!!

Other recipes can be found on my Recipes Page.

Drew still has the head shaking thing going on. Some advice came in from some of the groups that I belong to that perhaps it IS a phenol overload (berries, grapes, tomatoes, bananas). We need to watch that!

ALSO NOTE: We forgot to put Drew's magnesium cream on his back yesterday morning. Perhaps it is the placebo effect, but this stuff seems to make a difference in his mood. I have forgotten once before and he was soooo grumpy that day.

Today, he's been in a good mood, still trying to babble, worked very hard for me during our therapy. His matching is insane. I'm not sure other 1.5 yr olds could do as well. He can match colors, objects, and nesting items, w/ 2 distractors, 3 at a time! Is matching really all that important? Maybe not, but I like being able to teach him new tricks! :)

We're headed to the zoo tomorrow...stay should be interesting!

Today's menu: almond pancakes, cranberry/blueberry juice, pecan milk, pecan brownies, pears, turkey w/carrots, green beans, dried bananas, and pineapple pieces *new* for SCD, homemade chix nuggets w scd mayo, avocado, hazelnut cookie, almond apple spice cake.

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