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say UGG Womens Sundance 5605 with smile:"Common friend

Posted Nov 22 2012 2:45am

After, half hour's the 12 F creation department starts flowing out to start vitality noise.An hour after, busy people the continuous flow come and go on the hallway.Everyone calms down the Mi is in this busy path and pace and step by dfhjmdfhjvbfj step once walked own youth and the time, is 1 kind to idle away, again is another Chang Be great to sprinkle Li. At the time that inside track rang, Zhang Xiao Xi at the right moment carried coffee cup to go out.Approximately led a quarter, was before she carry coffee cup to blaze a second office door after Sung, he made a noise call lived her, "director general Zhang, strict always seek us." "?"The side first time of Zhang Xiao Xi sees him, she who try on his face to look for one silk abnormality hurts next. "It is strict to always make us go to a president's room, estimate to is the business of proposal." Zhang Xiao Xi smiled Yang the coffee cup in the Yang hand, "you go first, my a short while comes right away."Finish saying, don't wait he to answer, immediately walked into own office. Is empty the door falling open like this, Sung burning second very not easy the moderate facial expression keeping take to ignore because of her love in a short instant loose come down.Lu ocean will be the person whom she likes?If four year agos, he didn't appear, she heel Lu will the ocean have a final outcome?This question has been lingering around him after broke up.Friendship?Love?Love, still friendship? Have already changed book chapter 25 to show an ability(1) Ba Da novel download the net renew time:2012-1-208:17:04 chapter word numbers:3951 Drink to the utmost strong bitter and astringent coffee in cup, careful is some kind of repairs the makeup on the face, the corner of mouth raises usually smile slightly, UGG Ultra Tall Boots 5245 need Sung burning second once walked from the door for 5 minutes approximately after, she just comes out office. Zhang Xiao Xi Yang wears a corner of mouth and keeps smiling face until walk into an elevator, smile dimple such as flower win calmly!She contended for a rightness of new anchors to dispense to each section to try to do to provide her own suggestion, she originally shoulded directly hand over this suggestion book to in the personnel manager Bu's hand, in no case should show off skill to love to excel to crow over one's success to hand over to a strict horse without authorization.Doing so can don't necessarily display his own practical ability to him, on the contrary and very likely get just the opposite.It has been 2, 3 days since strict horse gets holds of this suggestion books, he not only didn't praise or devaluate, even the reactions all have no.This is then and not and usually. These several days of urgent always should have an answer today. The stride of Zhang Xiao Xi at crest floss carpet in the layer hallway up, the high-heeled shoes could not trample a silk to make tired of sting La of people voice, anti- pour to all the way and peaceful and serenely walk to the front of the office door of president.Period, the secretary in the hall has already beaten in an inside track telephone office, then signal hint her to go in. Treating to leave is near, one is sarcastic to lucid and attractively act in pettish the voice pays no attention from inside Ugg Bailey Button Triplet 1873 in the office of spread out.The moment whole body of Zhang Xiao Xi is stiff, the Yang gets empty to intend that the hand that knock on door temporarily stops in the half, and she finally came. "Director general Zhang pleases."Several secretaries with far step saw her don't move a strength and then came forward to knock to knock on door for her and immediately opened the front door of office. Right against the face of the face all dye a to put on to moderately smile an idea and see the in a flash that she appears, that puts on easily from such as of the smiling face in a short instant refrain from rash action.Zhang Xiao Xi starts to pull a to put on to smile, "strict total, make you long to wait." "Small river, come in quickly.Am I saying you with burning second small rhyme."The strict horse remains the Hao smile and beckon with the hand to make her go in, immediately to secretary's order that signs outside the door:"Add one cup coffee again." The secretary immediately understands that taking comes to leave. Zhang Xiao Xi walked up several steps and said with smile toward the strict horse:"Say me what?"Vision one Ni slides past a sofa the top very intimately sticks together of husband and wife. "The gossip news in the television station can than show biz spread still quickly."The strict horse sits transact chair into the luxury best smile of scold a way:"I heel Xiao the Yan also calculate old know, the kind sale will ascend to usually meet and rush through next time me can be good friends with to ask him so much." Is this matter?The heart bottom of Zhang Xiao Xi is funny, on the noodles surprised sob:"Is old always don't believe those beard Zous, he and I are common friends." "Friend?"Strict horse originally didn't how much care, the daughter means to say that to accompany to create a big noise to concern a concern, didn't want to ask another relate to, his pouring is curious and take back to fall burning second is a together surprised face in Sung up, say UGG Womens Sundance 5605 with smile:"Common friend?" "The gossip magazine plait must hang more, I clearly stroll market be bumped by a driver's new hand, all the ability blind plait says to is me heel Xiao Yan together the accident of candlelight dinner.Do you say to hang not to hang?Can you believe?"Who say that her magazine didn't be read, ha ha, luckily literally once browsed a magazine. "Your private affairs, I don't interfere."The strict horse moves to vision the plan in the book that the table's top spreads, slightly and slightly contemplated a short moment, immediately the title hopes Zhang Xiao Xi, " for burning second the viewer rating contending for to October fall planned market research written application, how do you see?"
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