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Saturday - In Pictures

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:18am
We had quite a day yesterday! Tony has been busy all week with the Pure Passion 08 conference that was this weekend. We attended the Phil Wickham concert on Friday night in the cry room at church. The kids had fun, Nathan and a couple of the kids (and a few leaders too!) watched Thomas the Tank engine on our portable DVD player. Tony gave all the kids "staff" passes so they thought they were pretty cool and told everyone that Maury was the world record for youngest staff person. :)

On Saturday we were at home making tostadas when Maury got his finger stuck in the opened bean can that he found in the trash can. His finger was wedged in between the can and the lid and I had to decide which way to pull his finger or the lid to cut him the least. It was gross. It was interesting to see the kids in an emergency (small emergency :) situation. Timothy total freaks out and becomes useless and if he can't do something like call Grandma in this case, he gets angry, punches someone and walks away mad which is exactly what he did. I've seen this reaction in him before. :) Katie Ann who is usually more spacey jumps into action and can keep her head and be helpful. Interesting to watch. So I stopped the bleeding, wrapped the finger and took him to the hospital.

They decided to do glue instead of stitches and wrapped his hand like this:

It really looks a lot more dramatic than it is. :) He managed to get the bandage off in the night and so today the glue is gone and the cut is open again. I'm not too worried about it, it's not a deep cut, it just wouldn't stop bleeding yesterday (as finger do.) So eventually I will sit on him and wrap his little finger, but not quite so large as this!

That evening we went to the last night of the conference for the Evan Wickham concert. The kids had money so they bought C28 shirts and hackey sacks and hats:

Timothy and Katie Ann with Evan Wickham:

At the end of the night I took the little ones home and took this picture. This is Nathan sleeping, see his cup balanced on his bed? He drinks a cup with his bedtime supplements and then sets his cup like this every night. It's a total routine and he gets mad if you move it, but I think it's funny for now. :)

That was Saturday at the Huy's house!


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