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Running with clowns

Posted May 24 2009 12:00am
Sunday morning...chaos. There are clothes everywhere..dishes in the sink..cereal all over the table, my girls are fighting and screaming..nothing is going right. I go to walk the dogs...and it seems that they have already walked themselves-all over the floor...the last straw-my coffee is cold. The kids are clamoring for attention, demanding, yelling...too many needs all at once...

Me-"That's it!"..."I can't do this anymore,... I'm running away from home!"

Omar-"Where will you go?"

Me-"I don't know...maybe the circus..."

Omar-"But you don't like clowns."


Omar-"You said that they creep you out."

Me-"...maybe I misjudged them...lots of people don't like clowns...maybe I can help...maybe they need friends..perhaps someone from outside the clown community representing them-telling the world "Hey-they just want to make you laugh..."

Sammy-"Is Mama running away again?"

Me-"YES!!! I'm thinking about the circus.."

Sammy-"But you don't like clowns.."

Me-"Maybe I was wrong!"

Lily-"YAY!!! Papa can quit his job and stay home!!"

Sammy-"No he can't...he makes the money that pays for our house and the cars and our clothes and toys ...we would be forced to live on the street with boxes and become beach combers.."

Me-"Beach combers...?"

Lily-"papa don't quit your job."

Me-"What do you know about beach combing?"

Sammy-"They live on the beach and collect wood and make fires and wear torn clothes.."

Oscar-"I don't want to live on the beach..."

Me-" You're not going to live on the beach...I'm joining the circus."

Oscar-"We're going to the circus?"

Me-"No! I am..I want to run free with the clowns!"

Lily-"But you have us!!"

Me-"I know!!"

Lily-"You don't like don't like their make-up and big feet."

Oscar-"Clown feet...hahahaha...clown feeeeeeeeet..."

Lily-"They creep you out."

Me-"Maybe I'm wrong!!..Maybe they just need love..."


Me-"Oscar! stop with the feet!"

Oscar-"Say it Mama-say feeeeeeet..hahahaha!!"


Oscar-"feeet hahahahahaha!!!"

Omar-"can you pick me up some shoes?"


Omar-"When you go to the store..."

Me-"what store?..I'm joining the circus.."

Omar-"Oh, I thought you were going to the store.."

Me-"Oh...what kind?"

Omar-" The usual-in black."

Me-"do you need anything else?"

The herd-"Can I have a snack?"

Me-"Ask Papa, I'm going to the store."

Sammy-"I thought you were going to the circus."

Me-"I have to go to the store first."

Lily-"are there clowns there?"


Sammy-"O.K....bye Mama."

Omar-"Take your time-drive safe-love you"

The herd-"love you Mama!"

Me-"Love you too...see you later..." I RUN out the door..

Two minutes later, I'm zipping down the back country roads in my mini-van...Led Zeppelin blasting over the radio..I am a woman ALONE!!! Tempting fate, just waiting for a police officer to pull me over... "where are you going in such a hurry Ma'am?""I'm off to join the circus!!HAHA
HAHAHAHA!""Ma'am, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to step away from the family vehicle...nice and easy now..dispatch?...I've got an A.W.O.L. mother... she says she's looking for clowns...could you send some Shriner's..the ones on scooters..Over."

Luck was on my side..I wasn't pulled over...even all the lights stayed green. Later, as I was walking through the shoe dept., I found myself thinking, "what are they doing right now? Did Omar give them lunch?...Maybe we can all go for a walk later..." I was missing them! What the hell is wrong with me???...sigh.. Actually, nothing. I've got a great family. They may be a bit overwhelming at times...but they are a good lot. Sometimes, I just need to step away from them in order to see that. I also realize that I don't need to leave home to join the circus....I live in one-and I like it. As for clowns?..well, they really do creep me out.
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