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Rumor Reporting: POSSIBLE H1N1 Vaccine Death of an 8 Year Old Boy

Posted Oct 12 2009 10:00pm
Caution, Caution, Caution... this is a rumor that I am reporting. Let's not jump to any premature conclusions.

But since it is a rumor that I have now heard from multiple sources so I am putting it out there so that it gets some attention and is either corroborated or debunked.

Yesterday this was posted by an anonymous source on a public message board:

8 Year Child dies after getting H1N1 Vaccine in NY

8 year old child who just recieved the H1N1 vaccine at STONYBROOK Hospital in New York dies after recieving vaccine. The child who was a 3rd grader at Park View school in Kings Park New York( My sister's sons classmate ) with no undelying conditions, perfect health. I wonder if it will even make the news. Please spread the word you or your children are not Guinea Pigs. Tell everyone before it is too late.

I also got word of private discussion to the same effect by someone else in this community.

I have checked and found no mention of this in the media.

This has begun circulating on Face Book. Before this becomes internet gospel, hyper hysteria, or becomes buried, (or crushes some poor family that has lost a child do to something else) this needs to be vetted and public health officials need to be contacted on this.

Of course today is a holiday.

If you are in this community, please check in and offer any corroborating or debunking so that we can get a better picture of what has happened.


Update: Facebook entry by a local mom:

I know the boy, the family. Thats why I posted the other day not to get your kids the flu shot. This was an extreamly rare situation. The boy had a dormant virus that was stimulated by the flu shot. Even then his odds were 99:1 to survive. This was just very tragic case. Either way, I will never get the flu shot for me or my family."


Another post on a message board:

"I happen to know this little boy, as I am from Kings Park. He did not receive the H1N!, it was the reguar shot and he had a reaction to the egg in it. "


Another post on the initial thread:

The funeral home is Clayton Funeral Home, Kings Park, NY, and the wake is Tuesday and Wednesday.

To clear up some of the misinformation that has been posted on here please know that he received the seasonal flu vaccine not H1N1, and he died from GBS - Guillain-Barre Syndrome- a paralyzing syndrome that can be triggered by a vaccination.

This has been a devastating and horrendous tragedy for this wonderful loving family. All of us who know them are praying for them.

So it is likely that a child has died following the flu shot, either seasonal or H1N1, as people are piping up with confirmable details. But the details of the stories don't match.

Officials need to get ahead of this story. Media.... you got wind of this yet?
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