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Rockettes in Fresno! (Win a Macy’s Gift Card too)

Posted Aug 13 2010 10:22am

On Saturday, August 14, Macy's Fresno Fashion Fair invites kids and shoppers to Dance with the Rockettes at 2:00pm as the ladies will share free dance instruction (just how DO they synchronize all those high kicks?) as well as secrets on what it takes to be a world-famous Rockette. There also will be plenty of opportunities for photos following the Dance with the Rockettes experience and each young dancer who joins in the fun will receive an "Honorary Rockette" certificate.

The Radio City Rockettes kicked up some early holiday sparkle at my place of employment yesterday. Dressed in matching candy-striped outfits with glittery gold skirts and bangles, they wowed the audience with shuffle-kicks and personal tales of being a Rockette.

What does it take to become a Rockette?

“Lots of practice. Lots of repetition. We practice six days a week for six hours a day for about month before the show. We work very hard for a short amount of time,” said a dancer.

Another Rockette shared that the perfect line was an illusion. The tallest dancers stood in the middle and then graduated to the shortest dancers on the ends. Each Rockette kicks about 300 times per performance and, with several shows a day, there are between 900 and 1200 kicks before the high-heels come off at night.

With as many as seven costume changes per show for each woman, the 100-member crew backstage has to be just as choreographed and precise.

“How old do you have to be to join?” asked a young girl.

“You have to be at least 18 to audition. Then after that we don’t have a cutoff age. Lots of people will ask us how old the oldest Rockette is and, honestly, we don’t know. We have this saying that once a Rockette always a Rockette.”

They’ve been around since 1933, so you do the math.


Macy’s $50 Gift Card Contest & More

It takes an incredible talent and lots of hard work to become a Rockette, but don’t let that stop you from DANCING with the Rockettes this Saturday at Fashion Fair Mall. That’s right, you can eye-kick with the best of them after learning their secrets. OK, that might be a bit much – but photos of you with the dancers trying? Priceless.

Also, any shopper who spends $50 at Macy’s  tomorrow will receive a free pair of tickets to the Rockettes Radio City Christmas Spectacular coming to SaveMart center on December 14! You can also enter a drawing to win a chance for an exclusive VIP Meet and Greet with the Rockettes as well as 4 tickets to the show.

Wait, it gets even better! Readers of, particularly this post, can post a comment below about why they love Save Mart Center or the Rockettes and be entered to win a Macy’s $50 Gift Card. Memories of actual events at Save Mart Center count too.

Winner will be chosen at random (double entry to those who post a photo of themselves kicking with the Rockettes!) and receive the gift card through the USPS mail. I realize it’s not in time for tomorrow’s event, but plenty of time to use it on a great sale or for holiday shopping!

Contest will close  Monday afternoon and the winner announced after.

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