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Rewards & Learning; the Problem with ABA

Posted May 30 2011 7:04pm
Saw this very interesting video today... Nobody seems to have applied this to autism yet; but I can't help but think....

I've said for a long time that rewarding kids for doing things as a part of ABA doesn't seem to work. I mean, literally doesn't work. When rewarded, as a kid, I tended to try to weasel out of doing the job because I felt forced to do it--and the more I wanted that reward, the worse it got and the harder it got.

Apparently, there has been a lot of research that corroborates this. The research had nothing to do with ABA and wasn't done on autistic people... but it does reveal a lot about drive and motivation.

BTW, if you have auditory issues like me, this video is actually well done--even though it doesn't have captions, the visual reinforces the auditory. I found it very easy to follow and very interesting. It's about ten minutes long but worth it.

What do you think? Does this apply to educating autistic kids? Are we, in fact, going at education the absolute opposite ways--and is the practice of rewarding children for desired behavior actually counterproductive?
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