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Response-ibility (Clevar title, iknorite?)

Posted Sep 25 2008 12:00am

Well the good news is my yearly visit down there came back okay, the bad news is my blood work came back showing I have a Vitamin D deficiency! And all this time I was staying out of the sun to avoid the spreading of brown spots (and that didn't work) here I was slowly giving myself rickets and putting myself at risk of all sorts of bad things!

Now I have to choke down 3 pills a day and drink more milk. And in my mind this is going to make me fat. ter. ARGH. And I am down another 8lbs since early August, and have kept the previous weight off. If you have ever been a crazy bulimic with a beautiful skinny mother (no, mom I didn't write that to make you feel guilty) you will understand my pain. And fear.

So, I do a search on Vitamin D deficiency and I find this website

I am blown away that I have already been diagnosed with things on that list! And autism is on there as well?! Should I have been giving Evan MORE milk and cheese? Oy vey.
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