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"Radical" Autism Treatments - HBOT AND Stem Cell Treatment

Posted Aug 06 2009 10:09pm
They are not choices I would make for autism treatments for my son. HBOT and Stem Cell therapy for autism disorders are by my understanding both invasive treatments and both carry some risk to the extent at least that the full effects of these treatments on the neurological development of young children are essentially unknown at this point in time.

The bottom line for me is that neither HBOT nor Stem Cell treatments are considered to be evidence based effective autism treatments by any credible authority. Conor has received ABA; although not much during the prime 2-5 year age range due to lack of available services. ABA has helped Conor in a number of different areas but it is not a cure.

Dad: Radical Treatment Helping Son With Autism Recover is the story of an "Autism Dad" who took a different approach than I have taken. Instead of going the evidence based approach as I have done in seeking ABA intervention for Conor Daniel Faiella has sought, at considerable expense, HBOT, and more recently Stem Cell treatment, for his autistic son Matthew. Daniel's anecdotal evidence is that his son has shown dramatic improvement going from 2 word sentences to complete sentences.

Although I would not seek an invasive, unproven autism treatment for my son, I hope that the procedures being followed by the Faiella family are done safely. It would be helpful if the procedures and results of the treatments are recorded for study purposes. HBOT and Stem Cell Treatment should also be the subject of study by the appropriate research authorities since the treatments are in fact being provided to autistic children anyway.

I hope that young Matthew Faiella suffers no harm and that he continues to make progress and fully recovers from his autism disorder. In a world where parents are increasingly under attack for trying to help their autistic children I thank the Faiella family for having the courage to share their story with all of us.

The Faiella family has a blog detailing their experiences with various treatments: Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen, Adult Stem Cell Therapy, & Cranial Electrical Stimulation.


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