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Quick Low Oxalate Diet Side Dish Recipe

Posted Jan 10 2013 9:57pm
Just a quick post on something I made tonight.  This is not my recipe.  I found it on the Trying Low Oxalates Yahoo Group.  I just made it my own way.  I have a tendency to use a few ingredients as possible.  Why not?  If he'll eat it, then no reason to add extra stuff.  Right? 

Perhaps you've known of this easy and simple recipe for a long time, I didn't.

Hashbrowns!  DUH!
I give Drew spaghetti squash as "spaghetti" w/ ground turkey meat and Oraganicville marinara sauce about once every two weeks.  He always acts like he wants to gag when I tell him that is for dinner.  Then, he can't shove it in his mouth fast enough.  Well, that's typical, eh?  Because of that, often times, I'm left with lots of leftover spaghetti squash. 

Well, here's what I did tonight: I stir-fried them...I guess.

Heated some olive oil over med high heat, tossed the squash on top, and occasionally stirred.  After a few minutes, it began to brown a little, then it started to get more crunchy (like good hashbrowns).
Spaghetti squash cooked into hashbrowns
cooking spaghetti squash
Spaghetti Squash cook to hasbrowns
He LOVED THEM!  And, now I have another "side" item to throw into the rotation. :)

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