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Progress Report

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:56pm

Little frog had a little break this weekend as I went to a trade association convention and he stayed with grandma. He reportedly had a wonderful time - spent long days in his wading pool. He came home grumpy, aggressive and wound up. A quick swim in the big pool helped with his regulation. He was actually doing very well - climbing up the stairs, turning around and jumping into the pool on our count of "one, two, three, JUMP" or "on your mark, get set, GO" or "ready, steady, GO". He even got himself turned back around, frog paddled back to the stairs with no help and did it again and again.

Last night we got back on track with his HANDLE, Listening, DIR, and dietary supplement programs. I noted the following:

1. After three days without any refelxology, his feet were very tight and sensitive and we had to work up to our old routine. After two days of refelxology, he is back to his calmer state and seems more connected.

2. While listening to "The Listening Program," he turned on one of his musical toys. This is not uncommon - he likes to have three musical toys going at once each playing a different song. With the toy in one corner of the room and me on the other side of the room near the middle of the wall, I began to snap loudly with the beat of the toy's song. Little frog, standing in the middle of the wall opposite the toy, became very attentive. He stopped moving and looked first at the toy, then at me, then back at the toy. It was clear that he was hearing both sounds and distinguishing where the sounds were coming from. I don't know if this was new for him, or if it was my keeping time that he had just noticed. We are beginning to see little frog keep time to the music, changing with the meter and speed of the song.

3. He took an interest in the "3-D" glasses that came with one of Diva frogs DVD's. Judith wanted him to try them at his HANDLE evaluation, but in true little frog nature - If you want him to, he won't. Today, when I offered them to him he first ran away. Later, when I was able to approach from behind and very slowly lower them in front of him about 6 inches away from his face, he stopped. He grabbed the glasses and pulled them right over his eyes. He took them off and put them back on. He ran to the window and looked through the glasses at the back yard. He threw them on the floor and jumped up and down with his fingers in his ears. Now, every time he notices the glasses, he stops and looks throughout them for a few seconds then moves on. (I've spent a significant part of this afternoon researching Irlen Lenses).

4. He has been doing a lot of non-verbal communicating, but has not been using any signs or PECS cards. Today I went back to motoring him though the sign language - I, want, cookie, please. More, cookie, please. I, want, more, chip, please. He became completely passive about the signing, letting me puppet him - but as we were trying to form the more sign he said "mo" and as we were trying to form the cookie sign he said "kie" and as we were trying to form the chip sign he said "ip". He has done this before, but not so many word attempts in one interaction.

We don't know what intervention to chalk this up to - probably a combination of all of them along with little frog's determination. But it's progress - so we will take it!
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