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Preventing Autism: You can do your part!

Posted Jan 31 2013 10:37pm

Today I did a little advocating for kids.

I got on Facebook and talked to some friends about their kids recent illness- yeah ---after the vaccines they received.

Some friends believed me, and some didn't ... they have to do the research themselves- but I am there to show them that vaccines aren't always safe.

Want to know how I helped to Prevent Autism?

I told someone about the use of vaccines - in single dose vials. In the military health care system- if you pressure and push enough you can get a single dose vaccine from the immunologist at the military clinic.

You do not have to submit to a combined vaccine just because the military doctors say there isn't any other kind.

Supply and Demand- the story of getting what you want- it can be done- because really- the medical establishment works for you-

You don't have to be brash and arrogant- just simply ask for a single dose vaccine.

If you still choose to vaccinate.

Want to know what else I did today to help in the Fight for Vaccine Injury Awareness?

I went to the local congressman's office, and I spoke with a staffer about my son's story- and many others like him, their story- about vaccine injury- and I inquired about vaccine legislation- I don't think this lady is going to do anything- but I am going to try harder- and perhaps even with someone else...
 the quest continues- and I do this for my son, for other kids who have Autism, and for those that have vaccine injuries.

The Truth needs to be told.

Will you do a part in helping in this journey? There are many aspects to healing- advocacy is one of them!

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