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Pretend Play, Laughter is the best medicine, and ThanksGiving.

Posted Nov 24 2010 12:00am
Isaac is doing great. I am thankful that he is improving. It's nothing like I thought it would be. I really thought my son would just have a "light bulb moment" and then thins would start working for him.
t hasn't been that way...he is a slow learner, it is a slow process.
I wouldn't discourage anyone by telling them that recovery just isn't possible.

It is possible, but there are different paths- no two paths are the same. What worked for one might not work for My son. I am trying anything that I can that would be helpful to him. I will never give up on my son. Too many I have see that just give up- and expect their child to be this way for the rest of their life.
I can't do that to my boy. I love him too much to see his life being wasted way by vaccine damage, and this "Autism"

This morning Isaac was playing appropriately with his ABA therapist and the cookie monster toy that she had brought him to play with.
well, he started to give cookie monster his sippy cup. He laughed his head off, as he was trying to give cookie monster his sippy cup.

I know Isaac brain is healing. I can feel it in my heart, it's so close to being made whole ( his brain) but he is still healing...It's so hard for me to wait and persevere, but what else can I do.
 or now I laugh at his constant up and down traveling the steps, and the quirks that he goes thru.

My father was dying of cancer, and as we said our last words to each other, he mentioned that Isaac would be alright,  that he would "grow out of it"
I want to believe that , but I wont until it happens.

Waiting on the Lord to heal my son has  taught me to be patient, I pray and ask God- Which path? Anything is better than nothing at all....improvement is always better than a lack of trying.
Isaac brings me a joy that I have never appreciated.
I wouldn't have had it,ad he been a typical boy. I wouldn't be on this journey, and I wouldn't have y eyes opened to just what is going on in our health care system.

Yesterday Isaac was playing with another child, laughing at what they were doing, and playing with them. It was an experience that will never forget.

Isaac hasn't started chelation, but we are going to go ahead in two days! I have waited for over a year for  to happen. I can't believe that it's finally here.
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I have much to be thankful for. I always think about " it could be worse" - Isaac's Autism- he could be wheelchair bound, and he could be a bog boy- that I couldn't handle.... but he walks, he plays. He isn't aggressive, and he isn't hurting himself.
I have my girls who love Isaac and who help out with work around the House. I have a wonderful church to worship The Lord in, and friends and family who help when they can.
I have Autism mothers who have helped me along the way- Cindy, Paula, Mary, Tonya, and others who have given me advice- and have supported me and Isaac on the road to recovery.
I have a wonderful husband who is working overseas and defending freedom who loves us, and is open to the path of recovery for Isaac.
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