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Poul Thorsen Called Industry “Scumbag” Scientist and Mercury Shill

Posted Dec 01 2012 12:00am

Poul thorsen By Jim Thompson

Last week Dr. Coleen Boyle, director of the U.S. CDC National Center on Birth Defects and Development Disabilities, testified before Congress in regard to a probe into the CDC’s dismal response to the Autism epidemic in this country.  In stark contrast to this epidemic, Dr. Boyle defended the CDC’s actions of both recommending as well as funding the injection of flu vaccines with the preservative Thimerosal for injection into the bodies of children and pregnant women (Federal Vaccine For Children Program) and (CDC List of Vaccines for Children Program with Thimerosal) .  This hopeless fact that the CDC still recommends this as safe was defended by elusive references to studies by industry scientists. 

Upon questioning by US Representative Bill Posey in regard to an industry scientist Poul Thorsen, who is still on the FBI wanted list for defrauding the CDC for over a million dollars , Mr.  Posey declared, “This guy is a humongous scum bag and one of the most wanted men on earth.”  Then Mr. Posey asked why the CDC relied on the studies by him.  Dr. Boyle responded that there were only two studies on autism with this indicted scientist listed as contributing author.  When asked why multi-dose vials of flu vaccine still contain Thimerosal, Dr. Boyle responded, “I can provide you with that information [later].”  When asked how many multi-dose vials of the flu vaccine still contain Thimerosal, Dr. Boyle replied in the same way.

So how many studies were published by this humongous scum bag and how many multi-dose shots of flu vaccine are there? 

According to this CDC web site, during 2012-2013 approximately 135 million doses of flu vaccine will be distributed in the United States (CDC) .  From this website one can determine that approximately 72 million doses contain Thimerosal--each with mercury equal to one half cup of D009 mercury hazardous waste (half cup of D009)

Since 2002 there were  autism studies published by P.Thorsen --four of which were published since the April 13, 2011 federal indictment of this humongous scum bag.  Apparently some journals could care less about the indictment and continue to publish papers by this corrupt industry scientist.  Another one came out just last month. 

So like the corrupt industry scientists of the past who all concluded that tobacco was safe, there seem to be industry scientists today who conclude that mercury, which is proven to kill brain cells, is safe to inject into children and pregnant women in the form of Thimerosal vaccine preservative. 

Please contact your US Senators and Representatives and demand a ban on mercury in all vaccines.  Also demand that our federal agencies avoid industry scientists and actually protect our children from vaccine injury.  Our children deserve better.

Taylor 11 25 2004 c Jim Thompson is a registered professional engineer.  He and his wife Susan live and work in rural South Dakota.  Their first granddaughter, Taylor Haug, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, epilepsy, verbal apraxia, motor disorder, and sensory integration disorder. Her loving memory has influenced his family’s decision to help protect children from vaccine injuries.

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