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Potty, potty, potty!

Posted Dec 11 2008 12:00am

Just a quick update on potty-training with Bitty. He's been doing really well with #1 as long as we're home and he can easily get his clothes off. Just like his brothers at that age, he's not cool with just pulling his pants down, they have to come off. At least he doesn't insist on also taking his shirt and socks off (if he has them on to begin with)...

Whenever he has to go, he just takes his pants and underwear off so when we see that we know to ask him if it's potty time. He'll repeat back, "paw-ee tie" and go running for the bathroom. Yay!

One day I was upstairs when "potty time" struck, and he came running to find me. I heard him coming up the stairs saying, "Mama? Mama? Oh nooo!!!" uh-oh, lol. He didn't have an accident, the "oh no" was because he wasn't sure where I was. We made it though!

So that's the good news. The not so good news is that other than that first day, he has shown NO interest whatsoever in doing #2 in the potty. In fact, we can tell when he has to go, because he'll come and ask for a pull-up so he can do his business in that. We try saying no in hopes that he'll eventually go to the potty, but he just holds it (or going in his underwear if he can't hold it anymore, yuck). So for now, if he asks a couple of times we'll go ahead and give him the pull-up. When he's done, we have him go with us to the bathroom to flush it before we throw the pull-up in the trash. We're hoping that will reinforce the idea that poop belongs in the potty, not in the pull-up.

So, we're getting there. Next we'll start working on going potty other places (he surprised me by using the potty at church last Sunday, yay!), staying dry at night, and eventually phasing out the pull-ups altogether.

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