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Physician’s Warranty of Vaccine Safety

Posted Aug 25 2009 5:43pm

There is an amazing document to be found on the internet: the “Physicians Warranty of Vaccine Safety”.

My take on this? It isn’t a real method of communicating one’s possible concerns about vaccines with one’s doctor. Instead, it is appears to be intended to sway parents away from vaccinating their children. They read this and go “Oh No!” and probably never even show it to their pediatricians.

The document is long and asks doctors to provide huge amounts of information supporting the idea that vaccines are safe and effective. Again, my view is that the document is more about getting parents to question vaccines.

The “Warranty” includes a scary list of vaccine “fillers” including the ever not-present “antifreeze”. It brings up the SV40 scare, including the nonsensical statement, “I hereby warrant that the vaccines I employ in my practice do not contain SV 40 or any other live viruses.” I guess whoever wrote the “Physician’s Warranty of Vaccine Safety” never heard of he MMR vaccine, with its live viruses and all. How can a physician warrant that MMR doesn’t include “live viruses”?

In the end the objective of this document appears to be: give this to your doctor and when he/she refuses to sign it, take that as proof that vaccines are not safe.

To insure that this happens, the Physicians Warranty of Vaccine Safety includes a killer clause:

Regardless of the legal entity under which I normally practice medicine, I am issuing this statement in both my business and individual capacities and hereby waive any statutory, Common Law, Constitutional, UCC, international treaty, and any other legal immunities from liability lawsuits in the instant case. I issue this document of my own free will after consultation with competent legal counsel whose name is ______________________________________, an attorney admitted to the Bar in the State of _______________________.
____________________(Name of Attending Physician)
____________________ L.S. (Signature of Attending Physician)

Yep. The doctor is supposed to waive all legal protection from liability. He/she is supposed to put his/her business and personal assets behind this.

Make a document that says, “I want a glass of water…oh, by the way, please waive all your legal rights before doing so”. See if your doctor will sign it.

I’ve toyed with creating a “Physicians Warranty of Autistic Child Safety”. It would require the physician to provide all the evidence that the alternative medical therapies have been tested and proven to be beneficial and safe.

Oh, yeah, the physician would have to waive his/her immunities from liability lawsuits.

I considered asking a number of the prominent alternative medical practitioners if they would consider taking my kid on as a patient, then asking them to sign the “Physicians Warranty of Autistic Child Safety”.

But why when I already know the answer will be no?

I guess it says something about the vaccine-rejectionists that they have to resort to such cheesy measures as the “Physicians Warranty of Vaccine Safety”.

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