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Perfect RDI Interaction and the camera broke!!!!

Posted Oct 31 2008 11:02am
I was filming a new RDI interaction for our consultant with Logan this morning. He really likes to do laundry and we don't have an actual objective yet so we were just working on co regulation .

We started by sorting together. He passed to me and I put in the right pile. I had to tell him that we were doing it without talking because he talks alot! I think he hates silence. I really do. So , we will work on doing some things silently and not always having background noise going on. I am really stumped about it.

Then we moved to each doing a basket alone but at the same time. I did my laundry basket and he did the one from his room. He referenced me nicely when he didn't know what pile to put it in. I purposely turned my back on him so that he would have to get my attention. He did ok at this in that he put aside the ones that he didn't know until I turned back around. He didn't make any sounds to get my attention though.

I finished my basket way before him so I laid on the bed and waited for him. He looked at me (referencing) and I looked at the pile that he needed to put it in. At first, I smiled when he got the pile right. Then I stopped scaffolding it and just looked at the pile then looked at him without smiling. He mastered this pretty successfully.

All in all, the interaction was successful. I need to come up with ways to work on being silent and having it silent around him. He seems to think that he always has to have something on or he will be bored. He references me well and trusts me as his teacher.
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