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Parents of Autistic Kids March Against Mercury

Posted Oct 01 2008 8:02pm
Parents of Autistic Kids March Against Mercury
Lindsay Puccio

April 6, 2006

Almost a thousand parents and physicians marched their way through the streets of Washington, DC to get the government's attention.

Parents said they want more research done to find out if mercury, which is found in children's vaccines, caused their sons and daughters to become Autistic.

"It empowers us as parents, it gives us some power to do something," said Kathy Young, a Charlottesville mother of an Autistic daughter.

Young walked in the "Mercury Generation March" to support her daughter. For years research showed Autism was a genetic disorder. But Young believes her daughter developed the disorder because of a known toxin that is in most vaccines. There has been some studies to prove it.

"No more lies from the CDC," parents chanted. These parents feel if more research is done to find the true cause of Autism, they can possibly find a cure.

"The main goal for all of us is that our kids get the proper treatment because currently with the government refusing to look at the issue seriously, little research is being done," said Young.

Right now, there isn't much parents can do if they believe mercury is responsible for their child's Autism. They feel this rally is their last hope to get the government on their side.

"The FDA and the CDC are making it very difficult for researchers to get the facts so that they can help our kids," said Young.

The CDC denies any cover-up. Currently, one out of every 166 kids are diagnosed with Autism.
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