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Pamela's Wheat-Free Bread Mix: Product Review

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:58am

I have been trying to decide if Pamela's Wheat-Free Bread Mix is versatile enough to purchase in bulk from (at a pretty good price: $23 for a 6 pack). So I have slowly been working my way through the recipes listed on the bag. I won't repeat the recipes here, but you can also see them on the Pamela's Products website. FYI, if you like to shop from Amazon, they now offer a 15% discount plus free shipping if you place a standing order (you can choose delievery every 1, 2, or 3 mos.) for items from their organic/health foods grocery.

I already posted that Pamela's baguette did not work out too well or me (see Breadcrumbs, Anyone?) but that could have been my fault. Everything else I have tried so far has worked out fine. I think I am going to spring for the 6 pack.

One note: Pamela's bread mix is GFCFSF, however, the label states other products in the factory include milk, nuts, and soy, so if you are sensitive to cross-contamination, be advised. This has not been an issue for us, but I know it is for many.

Here are a few comments on the recipes I have tried so far:

Pizza Crust: one bag makes two 12 inch "thin and crispy" pizza crusts. This crust was a big hit with The Prince, but The Professor and I found it a little bit on the sweet side, taste-wise. The consistency was good and we were able to eat one and freeze one for later. We tried making pizza two ways: topping the freshly-risen dough, and topping the formerly-frozen pre-baked crust. Both techniques worked well. For $4/bag or $2/pizza crust, this seems like a pretty good deal, and has Prince-approval.

Focaccia: one bag makes a large cookie sheet of Focaccia, great with fava beans and a nice Chianti! Again, we are a small family so we ate half and froze the other half. This was actually my favorite recipe of all the Pamela's bread recipes I have tried. Again, the Prince gobbled it up, but the hubby and I thought it a little sweet. This recipe calls for adding sugar, so I think if we omit that, it will be fine. I also made it adding a healthy dose of dried Italian herbs and green onions. Yummm! I think it would be great with sundried tomatoes, or red peppers too. The Prince loved it just plain. It would make super Pannini sandwiches. Very versatile recipe. Pamela suggests liberal use of olive oil to cover the pan as well as on your fingers to spread the dough. She is right and I suggest being REALLY generous with the olive oil. If you think you have too much, add more!

Dinner rolls: these also came out great and you can add whatever extra ingredients you like. I added herbs d'provence and dried onions. One bag makes about 24 muffin-like rolls. The Prince did not care as much for these, they were not as sweet, but The Professor and I liked them a lot. Great with some soup and a salad.

Bread Machine Loaf: I still struggle with whether or not to buy GFCF bread or make it. We just don't eat that much bread anymore. We seem to eat more pizza, muffins, or now probably focaccia! The Pamela's mix made a very tasty loaf. I added caraway and flax seeds to get a sort of rye-bread effect. In the loaf, moreso than the other recipes, we could really taste the millet, which for us is a good thing. Nevertheless, we slightly prefer the millet bread we get from a local bakery. One bag of Pamela's makes one loaf, and that is about the same price as the bread we buy. But, if you love the smell of baking bread, this will make a tasty GFCF bread.

By the way, each bag includes a yeast packet. Pamela's also gives directions for oven-baking the bread (instead of using a bread machine) and she often has yeast-free directions too.

Overall, if you are short on time and enjoy a slightly sweeter bread product, I would recommend it, especially the focaccia!
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