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Palin's Special Education Funding Record

Posted Apr 01 2009 2:52pm
Sarah Palin's stance on special education funding has definitely struck a chord among us all. For those of us with special needs children, it is an emotional and critical issue.

Thank you to everyone who emailed me privately or commented on my most recent post regarding Palin's promise to be our friend in the White House. I have heard from people from both parties. It makes me feel proud to be an American that we can all express our views, even if we disagree.

Several people referenced this article in Newsweek, which disputes the coverage by CNN News, and other media sources, who reported that Palin cut the special education budget in Alaska. The article reports that although it might appear that she cut the budget, it was only because an expensive program was removed from the budget and funded separately with its own line item. In fact, the article states, overall Palin increased programming for intensive needs special education students.

But please read all the articles yourself and draw your own conclusions. I am eager to hear Palin and Obama actually speak on this topic in public rather than rely on media coverage.

After this brief foray into politics, GFCF Mommy will now return to the happy world of my family and my kitchen!

In other more personal news, we in Florida are relieved that Hurricane Ike passed us by, but we are keeping our friends in Texas and the Gulf Coast in our thoughts and prayers.
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