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Our son had a heavy metals test some years ago and the only thing he tested unusually high with was Bismuth. He has difficulty w

Posted by Bill E.

Our son had a heavy metals test some years ago and the only thing he tested unusually high with was Bismuth.  The person we were working with found it unusual and had no real recommendations about what to do.

Our son was speech delayed by age 2, but fine there now.  Has had low muscle tone throughout his life.  Most of his current issues at age 11 revolve around motor planning, fine motor skill deficits, hand-eye coordination, strength issues, somewhat slower reflexes/coordination in sports, etc.  Socially and educationally okay. 

Could high bismuth have a role? We have no sense of why he would be high in this metal, having given him no medicine, etc. containing this.  No recent testing, but would love to hear any comments, stories, recommendations.

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Your son could be consuming large amounts of Bismuth synergists, which include Germanium, Iron, Nickel, Phosphorus, and Vitamin D. Bismuth is common in water, foods, cosmetics, and stomach remedies. The symptoms of high levels of Bismuth do coincide with the symptoms that your son is displaying. However, I would consult a doctor before making a connection between your son's behavior and his level of Bismuth. This article ( discusses the effect of heavy metals on our bodies. In addition, another article ( tackles the problem of Bismuth and some of the effects associated with it.
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