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Our Kids Have Been Treated Like Pawns In Chess!

Posted Jul 14 2009 10:12pm
I write this with the constant reality looming over my head, and the feverish pitch that has developed regarding insurance coverage of medically necessary treatments for autism. My heart is heavy. We are all working so hard in so many different areas to make this finally happen for our kids.

We press on. We are Autism Warriors. We have no idea what tomorrow will bring on the battlefield. We press on…

As the Military Contributing Editor for Age of Autism, I take this opportunity to fight again for our military dependent children with autism. Since the passage of last year’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), every state autism insurance mandate that has been introduced (that I know of), has had an annual cap of over $36,000.

Many of you might think this is stellar coverage, and that we should be grateful for the $36,000 our kids can receive in treatment. The sad reality is that less than 10% of military dependent children with autism are receiving any level of treatment for autism, and the reason is pure discrimination. Our military dependent children can only receive treatment (ABA) if they are accepted in the Extended Care Health Option (ECHO) program. Segregation. Discrimination. Acceptance into the ECHO program is dependent upon a person sitting behind a desk looking at records. This person has never met, let alone medically evaluated, our children. And even if a child is accepted into ECHO, there is no guarantee that dependent will be able to access treatment. My younger son waited over two years for treatment after acceptance. There were no providers, due to the constraints of the ECHO program.

There are many politicians who have worked very hard to help our military children, but most of them hide themselves away. Hiding from coverage of medically necessary treatment for autism, allows them to hide from the war they started and the fact that they sold out to Big Pharma.

I am constantly baffled by the fact that the most very basic treatments for autism are not covered. Just the other day I saw a video on YaHoo news about a man who battled leukemia for over a decade, constantly in and out of chemo, before he finally received a bone marrow transplant, from a woman in Australia. I would guess most if not all of his treatment was covered by insurance. God Bless this man, his wife, and their three sons; he is now cancer free. Why not the same for our kids???

There are a few wars that have been started, and the military is fighting them all. I would ask that you please watch this video HERE. I think the Generals gathered may need some input about what is appropriate and medically necessary treatment for our children. Our military is spread thin, and we need your help. You'll help with input to the gathered Generals, won't you?

Please stay tuned… There will be more to come on this. In the very near future.

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