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Our first DAN! appointment

Posted Apr 27 2009 11:42pm
Our appointment was yesterday. The doctor looked over Austin and I answered the same history questions as always. Then he wrote up the paper for lab work. It will just be one needle prick but probably a few tubes of blood. He ordered 17 tests - all but 2 are done at the lab. 2 test kits will be sent to me from Great Plains Lab at home and I will do one urine test (they give you bags to put in diapers to catch it), and one poop test. The urine tests for gluten and casein and the poop tests for yeast. He felt his tummy for bloating or constipation but said his gut feels pretty normal but the tests may show different. Then once I get the lab work, I call the doctor's office and they'll see me about 3 weeks later when the results should be in and we'll discuss what Austin's specific plan will be. Also for now we will be starting the cod liver oil (1/2 tsp) per day, then in one week if I have the poop test done we will start him on probiotics, and then one week later on Super Nu Thera(1/2 tsp 2x per day). I will also give him a few calcium supplaments just to try out to see which form he likes better - caplets or powder. I won't start him on it yet but just get a feel for what he tolerates better. Also he gave me a few trial sizes of the Super Nu Thera. He said to try those and which ever one Austin likes better and doesn't get too hyper on to go ahead and buy a big bottle. So basically for now he'll be on 3 supplaments until the test results come in. He said at that time he'll probably tell me to go GF/CF/ and soy free but I can wait for now.

I am quite happy and excited to be going forth with this. I know nothing may happen but at least I will have tried it out.
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