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Our day at MOSI with the Coles

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:54pm

We went to MOSI (Musuem of Science & Industry) for free homeschool day. The Cole family joined us. Actually, we joined them since they drove all of us. Now, I know what you are saying. 9 children and 3 adults. What were you driving? A church bus??? Yup! The Coles have a big church van that seat 17. I do not know how they drive it. It was a really great trip though.

We saw the mususem and had a blast! I did notice that we need to go out with Logan again and work on him staying with us. He is always so excited that he forgets to stay with us. I suppose it is developmetally appropriate. He is working on beginning Stage 3 in RDI. That would make him at the 3 yr old level in social development. Would I expect a 3 yr old to stay with me in public? A little yes and a little no. I would expect a 3 yr old to be excited and to run ahead but I would also expect a 3 yr old to reference me every now and then to see where I was at. Logan didn't reference me at all. So, we have our new objective. Any suggestions?

After MOSI, we went letterboxing. For those unfamiliar with letterboxing, you go to a website and get clues to where the boxes are hidden. You follow the clues and find the box which usually has a stamp inside that you stamp your notebook with. Then you stamp the logbook with your family stamp and put it back. Madison said it was kinda like a treasure hunt. She felt like a pirate! Logan totally loved it! We will definetely be letterboxing more! Thanks Chris for showing us!

All in all, it was a wonderful day for us. We got to have fun at the musuem, become better friends with the Coles, and learn a new hobby. To top it off, we also got home in time to see Michael before he went to work. Life doesn't get much better than this!!!

In case the slideshow doesn't show ( I am still learning the fine art of blogging), click here to see it.
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