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OT and PT Evals are done!!!!!

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:54pm
Well, Friday brought us to Pediatric Therapy Services for our pt (physical therapy) evaluation. We were surprised to find out when we got there that they wanted to do Logan's first ot (occupational therapy) appt after his evaluation. Logan agreed to do it so I said ok.First came the pt eval. Our first physical therapist was not very organized and acted like she had never worked with a child with autism before. After she told Logan that he was doing his last exercise for the fifth time, I had to call a break. I could see that he was on the edge of coming unglued. He was very dis regulated and started getting floppy. Logan's sign that he is becoming dis regulated is that his body motions become very floppy. The therapist looked at us incredulously as we walked outside to take a break. While we were out there , the office manager came out to be sure that we were ok. I explained that things were not working out with this therapist so we got a new one. She was much better with Logan and really worked well with him. While I felt bad for the first therapist, it was necessary to make a change. Uncomfortable as it was for me, I am Logan's advocate. It is my job to be sure that he gets the best possible care from the best possible people. Some people work well with children and some don't. As long as I handle it with integrity and always give God the glory, it will all work out.As for the actual pt eval, it was so- so . As I have mentioned before, these evals are difficult for Logan and for us as his parents. It blatantly shows us that even with tons of progress, we still have some things to accomplish. We are very happy though as this will bring us so much closer to the our goal of complete recovery. Logan could do many things like walk the balance beam and galloped really well. He could not skip at all or do some other gross motor activities that involved more than one extremity at a time (like hand or foot together). He could only do one jumping jack but surprised us by being able to do 3 push ups and 10 sit ups. We got some great ideas to work with him at home. The recommendation will be physical therapy 1x per week for 30 - 60 minutes depending on the activities that day.After the eval, we went off to ot. Ot will work with him on fine motor skills and motor planning. He really hit it off with his therapist. She was a younger girl that really did a lot of RDI type interactions. First came the paper all about him. She helped him with spelling when he needed it and also worked on sitting correctly and holding his pencil right. He did the whole paper with very little prompting. She definitely worked in his zone of proximal development. Then they did a little bit of search and find. They found five items in the picture. He did get a little frustrated but she brought him back well with a slight reprimand for being rude. He regulated himself back to the situation and continued on with the search & find.After that, she rewarded him with going into the gym area and playing around. Part of building up his fine motor skills involves building up his trunk strength. So there is some playing involved. He alternated walking and jogging on the treadmill then they played balloon tennis to work on hand eye coordination. This is not a problem for Logan as he plays video games well.Our new schedule will be ot on Wednesday and Fridays. We have to wait for the pt eval to be signed off by the doctor before we can start pt. Our co pay will be a whopping $8. I am so thankful for the Lend 4 Health for coordinating this loan. God continues to amaze us with blessings from mysterious places. God is good all the time!
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