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Oooh, that smell...

Posted Jan 12 2010 12:00am
Oh yes.
The familiar scent around this time of year.
You know what I'm talking about.
It's IEP time, folks.

We've been through some Hades with our school district in the past.
Since the transfer to "The Good School", IEP's have truly felt like a Team effort, and most importantly focused on Jaysen's benefit.

I've transformed from crazed, legalese-speaking, wild-eyed, Momzilla- where I would prepare weeks in advance, and stay up the night before til the wee hours just to make sure I had every legal angle covered, every defense in line, and a counter for every excuse. You've never seen the crazed Momzilla? Watch the movie The Hunger. It's kinda like that. Only more terrifying.
To a more relaxed, even-keeled and focused Team member. I've even been known to watch TV the night before IEP.

It was niiiiiiice.

Until I got the invitation to the IEP.
Now the stress and anxiety is starting to creep in.
Jaysen's IEP's have been annual reviews.
This one is a redetermination IEP.
I? Have no idea what that means.

I thought redetermination meetings were to re-determine if said child still qualifies for special education and said services.
If they're putting their toe in the water to test if he would be okay without Sp.Ed, they better put that damn toe back where it came from, before I mangle it until they spew toe-jam when they cough.

Which got me to thinking.
Jaysen really doesn't get a whole lot of services.
He gets a parapro (Yay! And dammit, I earned her!), modified assignments, and Speech once a week.

What he would really benefit from is OT, but since there's "no gross or fine motor deficits, the district will only provide OT on a consult basis." And Psych/Social Work, but I guess they "don't do individual therapy in school". Apparently it's mixing church and state(of mind).

While we're on things that benefit my incredibly handsome son, is now the time to start taking a more scrutinizing look at the things that will help him with life skills? I don't mean the skillz he learns at home, but real world skills. He's in the middle of third grade. Third grade is HUGE. It's all downhill from here.

It will be interesting if my hackles rise up.
I've never had to go toe-to-toe with this school before.
And my jujitsu is rusty.
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