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Oodles of doodles, puppies in training, smiling after the Dubs lose and not singing Happy Birthday!

Posted Aug 27 2010 2:37pm
A few weeks ago on 25 July Irish Guide Dogs had the first litter of Goldendoodles to be born in five years - Clive and his brothers were the first litter back in 2005. Mum is brood bitch Izzy and she had 8 pups - 4 black males, 3 black females and last to be born - a golden female! These pups along with their mum joined the staff at the Training Centre in Cork when they were three and half weeks old and are doing really well. The litter's names all begin with the letter 'H' and are - Holly, Huala, Harris, Hector, Hayden, Heidi, Halle and Hogan.

For more information on the puppies or to find out lots more interesting things about Irish Guide Dogs - check out the blog on the newly updated Irish Guide Dog website ! Below are two of the doodles pictured in Cork yesterday - they have grown so much in the past four weeks - early next month they will all leave to go to their puppy walking volunteers for the next year of their lives ....
Out and about the other day we met two puppies in training just like the doodles above will soon be! The two puppies we met were so well behaved! Not to hard to guess that someone is holding treats to the left of the photo!

Finally, a week after the Dubs were defeated we can get Murray to smile about it all and he'll even look at the photos we took just before we left for the match! He took this defeat hard but he's learning and at least he'll look at the photos now!

Murray, Sorcha and Clive are true 'Dub' supporters - and there is always next year!

Very importantly, this week was Murray's 12th birthday and after a rollercoaster of a week for lots of reasons - he did really enjoy his 12th Birthday! Many thanks for all the great birthday messages and to Khyra, Martha and Bailey, Phantom, Thunder and Ciara and of course, Petey for their wonderful blog posts on Murray's birthday. He got such fun and pleasure looking at the posts - thank you very much guys, it meant a huge amount to all of us!

Murray doesn't eat birthday cake, NEVER EVER, as he says ... so we got a chocolate cake that everyone else might eat. All those Spongebob cakes from previous years were never eaten!

We lit the cake (several times, Murray loves blowing out candles) and we ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, did not sing Happy Birthday!

It all went very well and earlier when we had asked Murray what he wanted to do for his birthday because big parties are not his idea of fun, he decided he wanted to eat out at our local Thai restaurant. We went late so there were few people there and it suited Murray perfectly. The staff know us well and ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY did not sing Happy Birthday!

Finally after months of waiting, Murray got his painting of his Geese! He spotted this painting months ago at an art exhibition. The artist Debbie Chapman has painted Clive and Murray loves her work. Not many 12 years old request a work of art for their birthday, but Murray is rather special like that and Debbie was totally charmed with Murray running up to the Geese painting the other day and literally squealing with delight at seeing them .... and asking them did they want to come home with him!

A little later, a special discount price for Murray was negotiated and he got the birthday present he wanted ... two geese!

He's happy, so we're all happy ...

After a hard week and with the prospect of school beginning again next Tuesday, Murray has been finding it difficult at times but when he walks into the living room and spots his geese, his smile is there for all to see ...

Have a great weekend

- Clive & Co
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