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Only 6 weeks to go!

Posted Oct 16 2009 10:00pm

It's Friday so we join Kris over at Weird, UnsocializedHomeschoolers ( ) for the weekly wrap up. Unlike a lot of home school families, we are on the downward slope of our homeschool year.
The countdown has begun! Only 6 weeks left until we officially take a break. By taking a break, I mean that we do fun Christmas projects and do n ot have formal lessons. Sounds so good to me!
We continue our way through Exodus. We updated our timeline with the 10 plagues of Egypt and the 10 commandments. WE have started doing this at breakfast if we can. If not , like on therapy days, we do it at lunch. I think that this will become a permanent time for us.
Awana has begun so the children are busy learning their verses for their new books. I have not been assigning extra verse in addition to this just reviewing the ones that we learned this summer.
Both children are diligently working in their books. I had hoped to get another book in addition to this one done before we quit but that looks unlikely. It will definitely be extra credit work during break.
Logan finished the 10 Commandments and has moved on to learning his address. Next week, he will learn how to address envelopes using his address. Anyone care for a note from Logan?
Madison is camped out on Commandment 9 until she learns how to spell steal. Maybe another week and she will have it.
We continue to read A Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis. Logan is coming along nicely in his sentences. So glad that I didn't stress over this. Madison is doing good for her level. We have started reading this at dinner when it's just the three of us since Dad is at work. The children are enjoying it immensely since they have had me read past the time twice already.
Read A loud
Madison will finish her Learn 2 Read Bible this week then be done for the year. Yay! Logan and I continue to work on The Sorcerer's Stone. We have read past our time several times this week. Life is good for read a loud time.
We studied the Phoenicians and the founding of Carthage. Logan is excited to be getting to Ancient Greece.
We are plugging along with astronomy. This week we learned about Venus which ids the hottest planet, not Mercury. I didn't know that either. We made pages for our notebooks. Logan wrote a sentence about Venus on the back of his paper. I was the scribe for Madison's oral narration.
Logan and I discovered some cypress trees while we were walking the lake this week. We talked at length about them and were pleasantly surprised to see that there were seeds on them. So, we brought 2 home and look forward to learning about them and seeing what the seeds do.
We are working on Mozart's The Magic Flute. He is our final composer of the year.
Logan's OT
Logan this week amazed us with his yo yo skills. Also, for the first time in his life, we have muscle tone. As in when he flexes his arm, you actually see muscle. That is another post altogether.
Field Trip
We went to the Publix dairy plant and saw how they made ice cream. Plus, we got to sample some in the end. Sounds like a perfect field trip tp me!
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