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One happy dog, one happy boy and a Happy New Year to you all ....

Posted Dec 30 2009 4:14pm
Christmas morning and we couldn't have been happier ..... Santa Claus had come! Okay, it's very early - I'm still trying to sleep!Doug from the Disney Pixar film UP had been top of the NSLM's list and Santa delivered ..... A talking dog! Not content with me, the NSLM wanted a talking dog! He has been trying for the past three years to get me to talk but he's finally accepted I don't! So, now he has Doug and we haven't stopped hearing from Doug for the past six days ... The NSLM showing me 'his talking dog' - really, I'm sure he's great but he can't do all I can!A total surprise for the NSLM (which can be tricky as he doesn't always like surprises!) but his Mom was confident this surprise would work - was the Disney Villains Snowglobe he has wanted for the past year! Murray's Mom has to say a huge 'thank you' to Santa aka Nicole and Ivory in the Disney store in Florida for sourcing and shipping this. It was not available in the Disney store in Belfast, or Disneyland Paris or WDW Florida and lots of emails went back and forth between us and the Disney Store. But somehow, an out of stock item was sourced from delivered in time for Christmas Eve! Thanks Disney! Okay, time for my presents!! What, a new Disney Pluto bowl and a toy! I would rather have had some of that turkey sitting in the kitchen!Santa even remembered Tinkerbell ... She seemed a lot more impressed with her Disney bowl and mat! Murray insisted on helping his Mom to light the Christmas pudding ... I took a 'safe seat' well away from the stove! The flaming brandy was poured on and it did flame (and no, it didn't set the house on fire! - that was Uncle Padraig last night - but he got the fire out quickly and we'll post about that in the New Year!)Tinkerbell slept through most of the following days ...St Stephen's Day I got to led the way to the top of the Sugarloaf! It's a bit of a family tradition and this year thankfully it was dry if freezing cold and icy!More about the climb in a few days but for now, we just want to say thanks to several people and wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

First of all a huge thank you to Santa Claus - everyone in the house was very happy with their gifts!

Thank you to our friends who were in with us on Christmas Eve .... here's the girls looking after the NSLM - waiting for Santa to appear!A very special thank to our neighbour, Brian who 'was' Santa and did an 'Oscar' winning performance outside our house on Christmas Eve! It is the highlight of Christmas for the NSLM!

Thanks also to Ann and all the gang for the yellow Spongebob dressing gown for the NSLM on Christmas Eve - you couldn't have got a better present for him! Thank you also for the delicious chocolate Christmas tree cake! We'll leave you with a photo of that .... it's long gone now!
and finally, this has been a bit of a bumper edition - lots happening over the past few days but we want to finish by saying a huge thank you for all the good wishes and kind words we received from all our blogging friends across the world this Christmas ....

This has been our first year blogging and we have really enjoyed making so many new friends ...

A Very Happy New Year to you all - we hope 2010 is good to you!

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