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One eye of frog, some gummy worm and a rabbit's foot

Posted Jun 12 2009 12:00am
We are now trying to graduate from the GFCF diet to SCD.

Click here for a list of foods that are/not allowed on SCD.

The short version is basically a GFCF diet with no food dyes, sugars, grains, nuts, soy, potatoes and corn (or any flours derived from these). That eliminates rice, all lentil and bean flours and pretty much everything most children will eat.

What the hell can we eat then?

Vegetables, fruits (I am going to start avoiding tomatoes though for yeast control, starting tomorrow!), meat (no beef for yeast free diet, but allowed on SCD), eggs.

The idea is to remove complex carbs to heal digestive tract.

What the fuck?

Yeah I know. Imagination and perseverance is required to get through this and maybe an alcoholic drink every night (not happening, since I don't drink).

Zee is pacing and sighing because I overspent the food budget. Well you do the groceries and cooking then and see if you can do a better job. Only canned tuna and dairy milk chocolate is not an "allowed food" in any healthy diet.
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