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Olmsted on Autism: “Vaccinate, Baby, Vaccinate!”

Posted Jun 17 2010 12:00am

Alg_oil_boots By Dan Olmsted
Have the American people finally had it with “experts” telling them that things will be just fine? That oil wells won’t turn into gushers in the Gulf, that cars won’t suddenly become speeding bullets, that a deregulated Wall Street will never rob us blind  -- and that autism is a mysterious genetic disorder we’ll get to the bottom of some day in the comfortably far-off future?
Let’s hope they’ve had it, because it’s never going to be more obvious that we’ve all been slimed, quite literally, by the unholy alliance between out-of-control corporate power and out-to-lunch government legislators and regulators. As to the overall mood of the public, Robert Reich put it well in his blog post:
“Whether it's Wall Street or health insurers or oil companies, we are approaching a turning point. The top executives of powerful corporations are pursuing profits in ways that menace the nation. We have not seen the likes not since the late nineteenth century when the ‘robber barons’ of finance, oil, and the giant trusts ran roughshod over America. Now, as then, they are using their wealth and influence to buy off legislators and intimidate the regions that depend on them for jobs. Now, as then, they are threatening the safety and security of our people.

“This is not to impugn the integrity of all business leaders or to suggest that private enterprise is inherently evil or dangerous. It is merely to state a fact that more and more Americans are beginning to know in their bones.”
It’s not just business and government, either – it’s the reign of “the experts,” who sit around a table and reassure themselves that, because they’re the best and the brightest, everything is, well, under control as of now at the White House, to adapt Alexander Haig’s memorable phrase. As Chris Matthews put it in reference to Obama's reliance on experts, "This meritocracy has gone too far."
It’s just that kind of expertise that reassures us the out-of-control U.S. vaccination program is, well, under control, that vaccines and mercury have been disproven as a cause of autism, that’s it’s time to move on. The problem is that neither big government nor big business (nor big media) has any incentive to get to the truth, which leaves only the people caught in the middle – namely, the American public.
They’re being told a vaccine we don’t need anyway is contaminated with pig virus – but their babies should still get it; that mercury is still OK in shots for pregnant women and infants; that swine flu really was a pandemic that required governments to pay vaccine manufacturers billions to fend it off; that autism really isn’t an epidemic and vaccines have nothing to do with it.
Yet Americans – particularly parents who are forced to concentrate their minds on this question – aren’t buying it anymore. A quarter of those parents say vaccines can cause autism; fully half are concerned about vaccine side effects.
They’re right; they should be. They’ve heard about Hannah Poling and the autistic-like symptoms acknowledged in vaccine court – a court that turns around and throws out 5,000 very similar cases because every single one of those families besides Hannah’s is apparently deluded and misled by greedy lawyers. They know Vioxx killed people well after the FDA and Merck should have stopped it from happening. They know Toyota sat on its hands and BP cut corners.
“Drill, baby, drill!” didn’t work out so well, even though Obama said he had been “assured” everything would be fine. “Vaccinate, baby, vaccinate!“ – and shut up about the toxic damage washing up in a generation of children -- is about to meet a similar fate. You can feel it in your bones.
Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.

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