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Old Timers and ARI

Posted Feb 01 2013 12:00am

ARI logo Feb By Kim Stagliano

If you aren't subscribed to the ARI newsletter, we have a preview for you below. For many of us old timers, ARI was our first and best course of hope for our kids.  We whispered in Yahoo groups, "What is a DAN! doctor and how do I find one?"  My girls' first biomed doc was an elderly allergist who knew Dr. Bernie Rimland personally.  Today, many young autism parents might not even know the name Dr. Rimland. He's the doctor who dispelled the refrigerator theory and searched for medical treatments for his own son, thus creating ARI for all of our kids. He also founded The Autism Society of America.  His death in 2006 was a stunning blow to the community.

As the years have rolled on, it's easy to forget our community's roots. And to ignore the accomplishments of the people who used a machete in the rain forest to create a trail for us to follow.  The moms and dads, men and women, and doctors who put their careers, personal lives and asses on the line day after day because their kids, your kids, my kids came first - enduring political and media beatings over and over.  Accepting an inch, going back into the trenches for a mile.  These folks were working long before I first sat in front a computer in a Yahoo group that introduced me to other parents like me.

Thank you to ARI, to all of our friends and colleagues in the autism community from coast to coast and around the world, working in their own niche - the autism life is not an Emily Post sponsored event. That's OK.  I tuck in three kids with autism every night.  You probably tuck in one or two of your own. That makes us bedfellows.  The cliche stands - Rome wasn't built in a day. But neither did Rome fall in a day.  Or a decade.

Subscribe to the ARI newsletter HERE.

From Steve Edelson:

I hope subscribers living in the northeast are safe and warm after last weekend's blizzard. Our thoughts are with you.

Much is happening at the Autism Research Institute (ARI) these days. We just published the book Nutritional Supplement Use for Autistic Spectrum Disorder, written by Dr. Jon Pangborn. In addition, last week Carnie Wilson raised awareness about autism as well as funds for ARI on the Food Network show, Guy vs. Rachel: Celebrity Cook-Off. See articles below.

Based on our recent e-blasts to subscribers, you should be well aware that ARI is sponsoring quite a number of webinars on the Internet. A big thanks to ARI staff member Denise Fulton for organizing these very informative web events.

I am also working with autism groups in Russia to organize a three-day international conference on autism in Moscow. If you live in or are visiting Moscow from April 17 to 19, please join us.

Steve Edelson, Ph.D., Executive Director

Autism Research Institute  

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